(27 October 2013)

I created a new small map called "Prominence" for the Urban Zone knockout events. Check it out.


(10 August 2012)

For the last few months I've been working on a new frag map called "Exhibition" check it out in the maps section


(20 August 2011)

I've recently participated in the first C.M.M. mapping contest. You can read a about my submission here. I've also released part of the models I've created fot the competition. Have a look at the models Section.

Frag Map

(27 April 2011)

A few weeks ago I started on my first frag map. It's still in alpha state but you can read a bit about it here

UJFM Competition

(27 April 2011)

A while ago (February) I participated in the first Urt Jumpers Fast Mapping Competition. Check my entry named z3qn5rw

Happy World Jumps updated

(21 March 2011)

In the last two days I've fixed some major bugs in Happy World Jumps by rebuilding jump 10 and 12 from scratch. Apart from that I fixed some minor things and now released beta 2. Actually I should have done this over a year ago but better late than never :)

Map Reviews Section

(21 February 2011)

A friend of mine recently pointed out that I should add the suggestions I made on several beta maps to my website. And so I did! Check the new 'Map Reviews' section

New guides added

(23 September 2010)

I lately found two nice urban terror guides that I added in the links section. "Brickuz' beginners guide" is a complete guide to urban terror game play and "TaggedZi's Urban Terror Oasis" covers configs, weapons and gears. I highly recommend to check them out!

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